A water bottle can be used to carry water or other liquids. For every requirement, the look and structure of bottles can be different. A whole range of different water bottles can be purchased online. PNB Kitchenmate has a good collection of fridge bottles online for water storage and use. You can choose between glass water bottles and those made of metal or plastic. These bottles are of good quality and from reputed brands.

Different Types of Water Bottles Available

Water bottles can be of different types based on the material they are made of and the purpose they serve. Bottles can be used to store water in the fridge or can be used to carry water while travelling. PNB Kitchenmate has a wide range of these different types of bottles for different purposes. You can check out the kitchenware section to view the different bottles. There are bottles that can be used as sippers or shakers for drinking water while exercising. There are school bottles for children. The plastic water bottles can be used to store water in the refrigerator.

A Range of Water Bottles Online at PNB Kitchenmate

At PNB Kitchenmate, you can view different kinds of bottles for different uses. There are some good fridge bottles from top brands. You can purchase a single bottle or a combo pack, according to your requirement. Brands like Milton, Pearl Pet, Tupperware, Sunshine and others offer good combos of bottles at PNB Kitchenmate.


You can buy sippers of different makes and designs from good brands. Brands like Puma and Pigeon offer sippers and bottles for sports purposes at PNB Kitchenmate. You can also have custom water bottles if you want your bottle with your signature, art, or name. There are many school bottles to look at on PNB Kitchenmate. Bottles with sipper head or pipe are available in different designs and colors to make kids happy.

You can keep the liquids hot or cold in a flask or thermos. At the storage and thermo ware section on PNB Kitchenmate, you can find good thermos bottles. Here, you can view also food storage units from top brands. Milton, Nirali, and Cello are some of the brands that offer quality flasks and thermos water bottles at PNB Kitchenmate.

At PNB Kitchenmate, you can also check out many other kinds of bottles that are made of different materials. The bottles can be made of stainless steel, glass, aluminum, or plastic. You can view them at PNB Kitchenmate and choose the right ones for yourself. There is a good collection of bottles at the Bluplast store on PNB Kitchenmate.